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Club and Organizational Manual
document Policy Governing Student Events Open to the Public
At the beginning of each academic year, all student organizations planning to have events open to the public will meet with the University Police Department staff to discuss this policy. When an organization decides to sponsor a specific event open to the public, its representative will be...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Posting Policy
The following procedures have been developed in order to establish a universal posting policy for clubs and organizations and will be enforced for all buildings internal and external as well as all outdoor University property. Posters, flyers, banners and other materials to be used for the...
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Processing Paperwork
Any payment vouchers, requisitions, purchase orders, advances, personal service agreements, or honorarium forms, must be submitted to the Assistant to the Director of Student Activities (if a student club) or the Director of Housing (if a residence hall association) with all accompanying and...
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Purchase Order
*Important Note: No member or group of members is empowered to enter into a contract, promise to pay or in any other way obligate their club, the SGAF, or the University without following proper procedures. All credit purchases, contracts, and other forms of purchase agreements must have the...
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Raffles/Bingos
Raffles and bingos are regulated by the State of Connecticut. An event is considered a raffle if a person is paying a price for a chance at a prize. Exceptions to this are games of skill, in which a person pays to show their skills are better than others and they win a prize for being the best –...
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Receipt Books
Receipt books are available at Cashiers Office and the Student Activities Office for clubs and organizations to use free of charge. Receipts should be issued anytime you accept cash in advance for a product or trip deposit. The original receipts are given to the purchasers and the carbon copies...
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Reimbursements
Reimbursements are used if it is not possible to secure funds in advance and a club member spends personal money on club expenses and wishes to be repaid. Remember, all purchases must be approved by the membership and indicated in the meeting minutes with a resolution number. A reimbursement is...
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Reservation Form to Paint "The Rock"
Click to view : Reservation Form to Paint "The Rock".pdf
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Reserving and Painting "The Rock"
"The rock” which is located across from the Center for Early Childhood Education may be reserved and painted by recognized clubs and organizations for a two week period of time. Groups are responsible for providing their own paint and supplies. Reservations may be made by filling out ...
rating 07 Jul, 2015
document Resources
Club E-Mail: Each club/organization is equipped with a club e-mail account. All e-mail correspondence from within the University (administration, students, technical support) will be directed to the club e-mail account, not the students's individual e-mails. The club e-mail account should be used...
rating 07 Jul, 2015

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