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Requesting Software Installations in Computer Labs and Multimedia Rooms

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Last updated: 23 Feb, 2015

Requesting Software Installations In Classrooms

  1. Check on the availability of the desired software. 
    Before requesting installation of new classroom software, faculty must check to insure that it is not already available in any of the instructional computer classrooms by contacting Kevin Gill at 1-860-465-5793.  If the software is already available, ask the Scheduling Officer if it is possible to schedule your class into that room.  If the software is not available, please complete the online form linked in step 3.
  2. Acquire the software for installation if it is not already available. 
    ITS will supply your department with purchasing information upon request.
  3. Click here to submit the Classroom Software Installation Request form 
    Fill out and submit this form after you have acquired new software for use in the instructional classrooms for your course(s).
  4. Provide ITS with the licenses, installation media, and installation documentation. 
    • Proof of software licensing. Whenever possible, additional licenses should be acquired for deployment in Webb Hall 410 (General Purpose Computer Lab) to allow students to complete assignments outside of normal class-time.  ITS must retain copies of the licenses during the time that the software is installed in the classrooms and labs.
    • The distribution media
    • Installation documentation
  5. Insure that the software functions correctly. 
    ITS requires that you test and certify that it runs properly after it has been installed.  We ask the faculty member to do this because he/she best understands the required functionality and routines for the course and ITS may have little experience or no experience with the application.  If the faculty member then reports problems after installation, we will work to resolve it.   However, in the case of unsupported freeware (no online support and telephone support numbers), our resolution efforts will be limited.

Additional Information
Availability of the classroom, scheduling staff time, installation, testing, and resolving security issues often require advance planning and work.   Typically deployments will be completed within  a minimum of 15 business days.   ITS will insure that the software is secure and that it does not conflict with other resident applications. 

Article ID: 221
Last updated: 23 Feb, 2015
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