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Gifts or Donations

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Last updated: 07 Jul, 2015

When a club or organization receives a gift / donation in the amount of $250.00 or more, a Gift Acceptance Form must be completed including a deposit slip. The gift acceptance form and deposit slip should be verified at the Cashiers Office where processing is completed. A copy of the deposit slip should be sent to SABO.

When a club or organization is giving a donation to an outside concern, a letter written by an officer of the club or organization should accompany the check. When giving gifts and donations please note the following, per the Connecticut State Accounting Manual for Activity and Welfare Funds, unauthorized expenditures include “Gifts, services, or donations to state employees, private citizens, or organizations (except other entities organized to benefit students, inmates or clients. Example: donations from a class restricted account to a student alumni association).”

Article ID: 418
Last updated: 07 Jul, 2015
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