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document Create a Portfolio
These are the technical guidelines to creating your AAUP Portfolio. Please refer to the AAUP Portfolio Guidelines for specific contract requirements and specifications. The Portfolio Tool is available to all Blackboard account holders. Faculty can begin building portfolios as soon as they have...
rating 15 Sep, 2017
document Residence Hall Printer Installation - Mac OS X
Note: The following applies only to the installation of residence hall printers on the Mac OS X operating system. Navigate to the e-Print button on the Current Students portion of the ECSU homepage, located here. Under the Mac OS X header, click the link labeled "Mac Installation". Click the...
rating 07 Sep, 2017
document Add Users (TAs) to a Blackboard Course
Blackboard allows an instructor to add TAs or other users to their course who are not automatically added by registration. Log into your course. Expand the Users and Groups section on the Control Panel. Select Users Click Find Users to Enroll on the action bar, above the Search tool at...
rating 31 Aug, 2017
document Connecting to Wi-Fi at Eastern and Finding Your Mac Address
Guest Access Eastern Residential WiFi (BYOD) will allow residents to connect devices that have browsers and keyboard input (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) when they authenticate with their username and password. That device will have access to the network for 24 hours and expire. Access can be...
rating 25 Aug, 2017
document Insurance Requirements for Part-Time Students in Club Sports
Starting January 1st 2018, Part-time students are no longer eligible to participate in club sports.
rating 22 Aug, 2017
document Eastern Medical Transport Policy
Policy Statement: A primary concern of the University is the health and well-being of each student; therefore, Eastern is committed to providing the best possible approach and response for students who are transported to off-campus medical facilities for emergency purposes. University...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Policy Governing Student Events Open to the Public
At the beginning of each academic year, all student organizations planning to have events open to the public will meet with the University Police Department staff to discuss this policy. When an organization decides to sponsor a specific event open to the public, its representative will be...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Division of Student Affairs
The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for many of the services provided to students and the Eastern community. Student Affairs offices are located throughout the campus. Office of Vice President for Student Affairs Walter Diaz, Interim Vice President ...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Eastern Connecticut State University Administration
Elsa Nuñez President Dimitrios Pachis Interim V.P. Academic Affairs James Howarth Vice President for Finance and Administration Walter Diaz Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Kenneth DeLisa ...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Department Chairs and Secretaries
Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office Carmen R. Cid, Dean (860) 465-5295 Webb Hall-Room 264 Amy Coffey, Assistant Dean (860) 465-5383 Webb...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Instructional Rights and Responsibilities
Instructional Rights and Responsibilities 1. Each student is free to take reasonable exception to data and views presented in any course. Students are free from arbitrary dismissal from any course. The student’s responsibility is to exercise freedom of expression within orderly procedures, and...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Library Services
Janice Wilson, Interim Director of Library Services, (860) 465-4466, Toll-free: (877) 587-8693 Introduction to Services and Collections The Smith Library offers services that will help you find, access, and use relevant electronic and print resources that lead to...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Dining Services
Dining Services Office, (860) 465-5207 Jeff Kwolek, General Manager, (860) 465-5051 Catering Department, (860) 465-5052 Meal Plan Options The following meal plan options are available during the 2017-18 academic year. Meal plans are available to all registered students (certain restrictions...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document University Identification Card
University Identification Card – Eastern EXPRE$$ CARD Card Services Office, (860) 465-5060 Kelly M. Hassler, Assistant Director, (860) 465-5773 Cynthia A. Tacelli, Assistant to the Director, (860) 465-5774 228 Alvin B. Wood Support Services Center, second floor Office Hours – Monday...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Counseling and Psychological Services - 192 High Street
Counseling and Psychological Services has relocated next door. We are now at 182 High Street. Please utilize the side entrance, via the ramp. Turn left upon entering to check in at reception. 860-465-0181
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Counseling and Psychological Services
Director: Joseph Adam Cherepon, Ph.D. Counselors: Marianne Ciardullo, LPC, NCC Bryce Crapser, LPC, NCC Andrea Pedraza, MSW, LCSW Mary “Peggy” Waszkelewicz, MA, Professional Counselor Brice Werner, MA, Professional Counselor Melissa Rapacciuolo, Administrative Assistant,...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Veterans Education and Transition Services Center
Rebekah J.L. Avery, University Assistant Alvin B. Wood Support Services Center, second floor, (860) 465-0402 / (860) 465-0401 The Veterans Education and Transition Services (VETS) Center is committed to helping all student veterans,military retirees, active military...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Academic Standards and Procedures
It is the University’s official policy that the responsibility for fulfilling graduation requirements and complying with Eastern’s academic policies rests with the student. Students must know what the graduation requirements are and complete them in a timely fashion. A student’s degree...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Office is located on the main floor of the Wood Student Services Center and includes Financial Aid, Student Employment and Veterans Educational Benefits. The Office also retains a website that specifies policies, procedures, and helps with...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Vehicle Request Policy and Procedures
EASTERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY VEHICLE REQUEST POLICY & PROCEDURES (Updated 7/17) Failure to comply fully with this policy may result in loss of vehicle use privileges for the operator and the operator’s department. Please contact Scott Smith, University Vehicle Coordinator, with any...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Housing and Residential Life
LaMar Coleman, Director Angela Bazin, Associate Director Paul Serignese, Associate Director for Residential Engagement Sonya Alicea, Administrative Assistant Alvin B. Wood Support Services Center, Second Floor, (860) 465-5297 The Office of Housing and...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Campus Parking Appeal Board
The campus Parking Appeal Committee hears appeals concerning parking tickets issued by the University Police. The campus Parking Appeals Committee members represent a wide cross section of the university community including representatives from teaching and administrative faculty, university...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Uniform Campus Crime Report; Public Act 90-259
The required uniform crime and fire safety report for the campus is available upon request from the Campus Police Department. Any individual requesting a copy may receive one from the above office. This report can also be view online at
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document University Police
Chief Jeffrey A. Garewski, Director of Public Safety 414 High Street Non-Emergency, (860) 465-5310 Emergency, 911 Confidential Hotline, (860) 465-0242 University police officers are state-certified, with the same authority and powers of arrest as local...
rating 08 Aug, 2017
document Campus Parking
Eastern has limited parking facilities for its students, faculty, and staff. Therefore, we ask that anyone parking on campus observe the following regulations: • In order to obtain a parking permit, you must submit an application form (along with a copy of your valid vehicle registration, and...
rating 08 Aug, 2017

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